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In the News


PLOS ONE: Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare: Interview with Arthur Papier

Dr. Papier spoke with PLOS ONE's Leonie Mueck about augmented (not artificial) intelligence and how it can change healthcare in the future.


SearchHealthIT: Preventing Diagnostic Errors in Medicine with Software (PODCAST)

"Now, with machine learning and artificial intelligence, there are a lot of people saying this is going to change medicine overnight and improve diagnosis. It's more complicated than that because medicine is complicated. But there is great promise."


Paysa: How AI is Revolutionizing Medical Diagnosis

AI is predicted to be one of the hottest tech trends in 2018, and the use of AI in healthcare is revolutionizing the world of medical diagnosis. Dr. Papier talks about how DermExpert and machine learning are driving the revolution.


HealthcareITNews: SMART on FHIR app uses machine learning to help doctors make diagnoses

Physicians at one Missouri health system are using VisualDx to quickly reach conclusions and move forward with the best care options, its CMO says.


Empire State Development Announces Expansion Plan for VisualDx in Monroe County

VisualDx is expanding and creating jobs in the Downtown Innovation Zone thanks to state funding and a regional grant.


Business Insider: Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a shout-out to a $100-per-year app for doctors - here's what it does

Apple CEO Tim Cook isn't a doctor, but he talked about a piece of medical software, VisualDx, during Apple's most recent earnings call.


HealthCareBusiness: VisualDx updates its AI app to help clinicians classify skin lesions

VisualDx announced on Friday that it updated its artificial intelligence app for the iPhone or iPad to help non-dermatologists assess skin lesions and rashes.


VisualDx - A Transformational Artificial Intelligence App for iPhone to Help Improve Diagnosis of Diseases

Rochester-based VisualDx, has enhanced its VisualDx app with Core ML, a new framework enabling on-device machine learning to create powerful, rich experiences.


MedCity News: VisualDx using Apple's Core ML to automate image analysis for non dermatologist doctors

MedCity News reports on VisualDx's collaboration with Apple's Core ML to improve diagnostic accuracy with DermExpert.


CNBC: Here's a taste of how much smarter your iPhone will be in September

Apple is showcasing our latest efforts for iOS 11. CNBC reports on our work to improve skin condition diagnosis.