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VisualDx Blog


Patient Thinks She Has Ringworm; Doctor Uses VisualDx to Prove Otherwise

A DO in Rochester, NY sees a patient who thinks she has ringworm. Using VisualDx, he arrives at an exact match for a different diagnosis.


Teen Track Runner Stopped By Chest Pain During Practice - Let's Diagnose

A teenage track runner stopped short during practice with shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain. Could it be a pulmonary embolism? Spontaneous pneumothorax? Anaphylaxis? Use your medical knowledge, assess the chest X-ray, and use VisualDx to confirm your diagnosis.


Woman's Finger Joint Pain Decreases with Movement - Let's Diagnose

A 62-year-old woman comes to her doctor with joint paint in her fingers. It started a few months ago and moving her fingers seems to help. Could it be osteoarthritis? Fibromyalgia? Thinking about adult-onset Still disease? Use your medical knowledge, read the full case study and use VisualDx to confirm your diagnosis.


PA Student Builds Differential for Odd Rash, Makes Accurate Diagnosis

A PA student in Calgary used VisualDx to build a differential for a patient with an odd rash and came to the correct diagnosis: herpes simplex.


We Love Our Job - VisualDx Celebrates Special Award

"I believe in what we are trying to accomplish as a company. I really like the company culture, all of my fellow employees, and the general sense that we are all dedicated to working toward a common goal."


First Year NP Student Diagnoses Friend With Misdiagnosed Stomach Pain

A first-year University of South Alabama nurse practitioner student diagnosed her friend's IBS when her doctor couldn't, thanks to VisualDx. 


Women's Net-Like Leg Lesions are Painful & Scarring - Let's Diagnose

A 72-year-old woman with a history of DVT is concerned about a net-like pattern of painful lesions on her legs. Could it be livedoid vasculopathy? A stasis ulcer? Thinking about erythema ab igne? Use your medical knowledge, read the full case study and use VisualDx to confirm your diagnosis.


Opioids: To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe

As the opioid crisis deepens, physicians decide carefully when to dispense opioids. Some non-opioid alternatives and programs to reduce opioid prescriptions are showing signs of success. What is right for your patient?


CVICU Nurse Unfamiliar with Skin Diseases Uses VisualDx to Accurately Diagnose Toddler

A University of Iowa nurse practitioner student saw a young boy in clinic and used VisualDx to confirm her suspicions of MRSA.


Postal Worker Notices Black Lesion on Face - Let's Diagnose

A 48-year-old postal worker heads to her dermatologist with a black lesion on her face. Could it be pigmented basal cell carcinoma? A blue nevus? Thinking about actinic keratosis? Use your medical knowledge, read the full case study and use VisualDx to confirm your diagnosis.