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VisualDx Blog


More Than Skin Deep

A chief resident in dermatology at Tulane explains why her profession is more than "skin deep" ahead of the American Academy of Dermatology's 2017 annual meeting.


VisualDx at AAD 2017: Created by Derms for Derms

Join VisualDx at AAD (Booth 3544) and learn more about the diagnostic decision support app created by dermatologists for dermatologists.


Why Was This 3-Year-Old So Irritable, and What Was Wrong With Her Eye?

Featured in the NY Times: A medical student credits VisualDx for helping her reach the correct diagnosis for her niece's eye issues.


What's the Diagnosis? - February 6, 2017

A middle-aged woman shows up at the dermatologist with an extremely pruritic rash on the back of her leg. Can you diagnose her accurately?


Crowded Doctor's Office? New Study Suggests 'Go With the Flow'

Can the backlog phenomenon affect quality of care from physicians? A look at a new study and its implications.


What's the Diagnosis? - January 30, 2017

Help us diagnose this woman who arrived at the ER with a number of symptoms. Use the VisualDx Differential Builder to augment your diagnosis.


SUCCESS STORY: The Rash Just Won't Go Away

A patient's persistent rash won't go away with past treatment. The attending dermatologist turns to VisualDx to uncover a diagnosis not yet thought of for the patient.


What's the Diagnosis? - January 23, 2017

Help us diagnose this man with Type II diabetes who pointed out a hyperpigmented patch on his neck. Use the VisualDx Differential Builder to augment your diagnosis.

SUCCESS STORY: Son Returns from Trip with Rash

A boy's complicated rash is diagnosed correctly thanks to the medical images in VisualDx.


What's the Diagnosis? - January 16, 2017

Can you diagnose this toddler with vesicles on her palms and soles? Use the VisualDx Differential Builder to augment your diagnosis.