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Woman Takes Contraceptives After Second Child, Develops Face Rash - Can You Diagnose?

A woman visits her dermatologist with a rash on her cheeks and forehead. Can you weed through the full symptom list and use VisualDx to help you make an accurate diagnosis?


The Medical School Brown Bag Lunch that Changed My Life: Remembering My Friend, Larry Weed, MD

VisualDx CEO and co-founder Art Papier, M.D. describes the indelible impact Dr. Lawrence Weed had on his life as a doctor and a human being and on the world of medicine.


With Patients, NP Values VisualDx for Convenience

A nurse practitioner discusses how she uses VisualDx at her urgent care clinic. VisualDx will be exhibiting at the AANP National Conference June 22-24.


Pregnant Mom Returns from Ghana Trip Jaundiced & Vomiting - Can You Diagnose?

A woman shows up at the ER jaundiced and vomiting. Can you weed through the full symptom list and use VisualDx to help you make an accurate diagnosis?


How can the health care community work with Somali-Americans to prevent future measles outbreaks?

The Somali community in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area was particularly vulnerable to a measles outbreak after fears of the MMR vaccine spread. The worst happened and now the health care community must figure out how to reach a community and lay those fears to rest.


Hiker With Many Itchy Insect Bites, Fever - Can You Diagnose?

A 20-year-old had been hiking recently. He shows up at the doctor's office with multiple bug bites, a very itchy rash and a fever. With the full symptom list, can you diagnose him correctly?


GUEST BLOG: Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Guest blogger (and  medical student) Sean Huggins writes about making sense of all the guidelines out there to follow when it comes to protecting your skin this summer.


Three Babies at Same Daycare Develop Rash with Similar Symptoms - Can You Diagnose?

A mother brings her 7 month old into your office with a widespread rash. Looking through the full list of symptoms, use your knowledge and VisualDx to correctly diagnose the infant.


GUEST BLOG: Sunscreen is needed for all skin types

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Guest blogger (and Northwestern medical student) Lisa Akintilo writes about her personal experience in preventing skin cancer and why applying sunscreen is important for all skin types.


MLA 17: Keeping our Lead Medical Research Librarian Busy

VisualDx is proud to support MLA '17 where we will be exhibiting at booth 522 and hosting a Sunrise Seminar.  In addition, two of our staff medical librarians will head to Seattle to take part. Patricia Gogniat, VisualDx's lead medical research librarian, has a long conference to-do list. She writes about what she plans on doing throughout the conference and what she is looking forward to experiencing.